Creating images

Creating images for testing could be a challenging job. The goal of this library is to help you out with basic tasks. You can easily generate very basic graphic images, but no custom shapes. Paper size is A4.

If you don’t like how image files are generated by this library, you can check the faker-file package, which can produce complex images.

Supported image formats

Currently, 4 image formats are supported:

  • PNG.

  • SVG.

  • BMP.

  • GIF.

Generating images as bytes

See the following full functional snippet for generating a PNG image.

from fake import FAKER

png_bytes = FAKER.png()

See the full example here

The generated PNG image will be an image filled with a given color of a size 100x100 px.

If you want image of a different size or color, provide size (Tuple[int, int]) and color (Tuple[int, int, int]) arguments along. See the example below:

png_bytes = FAKER.png(size=(500, 500), color=(127, 127, 127))

See the full example here

Generating files

Generate a PNG image.

png_file = FAKER.png_file()

See the full example here

With size and color tweaks:

png_file = FAKER.png_file(size=(500, 500), color=(127, 127, 127))

See the full example here

All other formats (SVG, BMP and GIF) work in exact same way.